A Curious Case Study: JSPR

Are you interested in hiring a PR pro?

There are a couple things you might want to know first...

We worked with Jillian Sanders PR

Buckle up, pal! We've got a story for you.

A good PR person can be worth their weight in gold but shady characters can easily disguise themselves in this field and take advantage of people. Afterall... their job is to publicly represent themselves in a certain light! So how do you tell the difference? 

I lost what could have been a down payment on a nice condo and missed out on a once-in-lifetime opportunity to properly promote and celebrate the release of my first book. It sucked.

I'll be using this site to do a deep dive into my experience. I'll be highlighting the red flags and pointing out the things I wish I had done differently.

  • It's going to be a wild ride!

    Let's do this. <3

Dejected clown

Here's how we'll break this story down.

Before Signing the Contract
  1. What to look for before even looking at a contract. 

  2. We'll analyze my contract with JSPR and the red flags I missed.

The Work
  1. How to make sure the work is actually being done.

  2. We'll dive into the bullshit I fell for so you can avoid it yourself.

After the Contract
  1. What you should expect at the end of your contract. 

  2. We'll look the JSPR aftermath to spot weasel-y behavior. 

More is yet to come!

Don't be a stranger. Keep checking in as I continue to add to this site. It's a bit of an undertaking... there's a lot to talk about and frankly it's embarrassing to share. But it's important to me that people who don't know what to look for when hiring a PR professional don't fall into the same traps I did. 

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